Our Day-Home concept is an Enrichment center for old aged people. It is often seen that the elderly are alone at home during the day while their family members are away at work. At the Enrichment Centres, elders get an opportunity to spend time every day with other elders and build a social bond / network with them. The social bond created between the members over the years of association has helped many to mitigate loneliness and bring joy and contentment in their lives.

Retirement deprives older people of a major source of social interaction & mental stimulation. In retirement older person must discover alternative sources of stimulation. Some elder’s lead productive lives in retirement, many do not. Successful ageing can be achieved by Active Engagement with Life, Maintaining relationships and performing activities those are productive and meaningful to them. Productive activity can be paid or unpaid that generates goods and services of economical values, which are useful to society. Key factors for productive ageing are good health and overall ability to function, regular psychical activity, friendship and strong social support system, and personal characteristics, including better education and belief in one’s ability to handle what life has to offers. Another key mantra for promoting successful ageing is the need to stay connected with other people. Active participation and making a meaningful contribution have a greater impact on health then mere attendance. Emotional support, including expressions of affection, love, esteem and respect, is extremely important for successful aging. A positive mental and progressive attitude will help ensure successful ageing. Older people with high mental function are likely to retain psychical function and Psychical active elderly are more likely to maintain sharp mental activity. The Senior Center is created for inclusion of those isolated and lonely Elderly to a relatively healthy, and independent Elderly Community and to make them feel needed, dignified and self worthy.