It's now time to take this to the next level so we founded Jubeerich Charitable Trust. Myself and my wife has started this organization to help and serve the destitute and aged people who are the “forgotten” members of the society. Sufferings in different ways is a reality in this worldly life, in and around us, in forms like abject poverty, physical, social and mental backwardness, incurable diseases, debts, sudden death of dear and near ones etc. Although we can’t solve all problems of everyone, but in small ways, can feed the hungry with a day’s half meal or fill somebody’s empty bowl, help the sick to be treated to save their lives, clothe the needy, thatch a leaky roof which are kind deeds the society expects from us.

To stretch out a helping hand to some of these affected people in our society and neighborhood is the humble ambition and prime aim of the Jubeerich Charitable Trust. Also, to activate senior citizens and retired hands amongst us into extending their time and capabilities for achieving the above goals.

We are immensely happy to invite you for the Inauguration of JUBEERICH CHARITABLE TRUST, an initiative by JUBEERICH GROUP. For 20 years JUBEERICH COUNSUTANCY PVT LTD has inherited the appreciation in guiding, mentoring and promoting the best of talent through overseas education to more than 30 countries, now it is time to expand its humanitarian act to many who cannot relish the dream beyond their imagination.

-- Adv. Justy Mathews